Top Picked Plus Size Clothing Brands For You (2022)

Top Picked Plus Size Clothing Brands For You

Fat fashion is coming into its own, and it’s about darn time. It should go without saying that the fashion industry has a long way to go in terms of accommodating overweight people. If the past ten years of plus-size clothing inclusion are any indication of where the next decade will go, shopping for clothes will no longer be a lengthy process. When it comes to cost and size availability, styling oneself can be difficult, and buying items that don’t even fit can stifle creativity and the fun of fashion.

Whether you already have a style or are attempting to develop one, everyone should be able to enjoy the creative part of fashion and feel involved. It feels like having options is the bare least. Fortunately, the world of fat, plus-size, and curvy fashion is expanding, and items ranging from specialty suits and gowns to a basic cotton tee-shirt are becoming more readily available.

Even though 67 percent of women wear a size 14 or larger, finding plus-size apparel that fits the body in all the correct places isn’t always easy. Fortunately, finding incredibly cute plus-size alternatives is becoming more accessible, as long as you know where to look.

Ready to unwrap the top and best plus-size clothing brands? Let’s look below!


ASOS is a holy grail for contemporary and chic clothing, with both budget and high-end selections. There aren’t as many colorful, bold prints and matching sets in plus-size collections as in straight-size collections, but they’re still cart-worthy selections.


If you’re not cautious, you’ll be shopping for a pretty shirt one minute and have hundreds of dollars in your cart the next—don’t worry, they always have coupons!

Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press is not only anti-sweatshop, concentrating on ethical and local manufacture, but they also offer a very astonishing size expansion. Thermals, overalls, patterned jumpsuits, wrap tops, and other well-structured basics are featured in their unisex versions.

Big Bud Press

The apparel label, situated in Los Angeles, caters to an internet buying environment with a focus on fit, color, and material. Plus point is that it features multiple-sized models for showcasing fit on different body types.

Tamara Malas

Tamara Malas brand offers knits, quilted patterns, and velvety soft materials. The bold statement pieces give off the central leading character energy. If you are among plus-size people, you can trust the fit with their designs.

Tamara Malas

Fellow plus-size pal Tamara Malas, the founder and brand’s namesake, are ethically made. Try not to avoid strong prints and pieces. Go carelessly into an interwoven dress that will constantly get you compliments!

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective brand might be on some of your wishlists. To the surprise of no one, you may become fully obsessed. Their leggings are made with a quality fabric that you cannot even describe.

Girlfriend Collective

It is thin, but it never looks see-through. Their size range may go up to 6X. These sizes are great for working out, just lounging around the house, or doing errands. If you opt to shop from here, you can tell that you’re putting money toward both a good product and a good brand.


Lauren Chan often noticed herself as the only plus-size woman in the room as a fashion editor. Exhausted by the wardrobe search, she founded Henning in 2019.


Henning focuses on plus-size women’s clothing basics and wardrobe staples that make any person feel as expensive as they look. It also focuses on well-tailored and stylish workwear pieces. Henning’s site lists styles available up to 26, but with pre-order options, you can even get more extended sizes for the best fit. 

Loud Bodies

Patricia Luiza Blaj found this ethically produced trendy plus-size clothing brand. She has set an example to prove that real style has no size. Loud Bodies offers something for everyone, with playful patterns and glamorous dresses in varying styles and price ranges.

Loud Bodies

The best part to highlight for this  brand is its fit. When you look at the collections, you can easily see comfort and elegance at the forefront of designs. 

So, let’s carry on the slogan- “Be loud and proud of your body and dress it the way it deserves!”

Ava & Viv

Ava & Viv is the leading brand designed by target and keeps up with trends and features styles, patterns, and materials ideal for starting a wardrobe. You can discover that sweaters, jackets, blouses, graphic tees, and more are available in different colors and cuts.

Ava & Viv

This makes it an easy mix-and-match look or stylish layers. Everything is super affordable, which is a relief when you want to get a nice sweater without shelling more.

So, these were some of the top brands offering beautiful plus-size clothing. But do you know what to look for before buying yourself these clothes? Learning how to shop for clothes online can be an exciting subject.

Here are the ultimate tips to remember while you shop for a size 14 or up!

Measure Yourself:

This may appear to be a time-consuming job, but it makes all the difference when shopping online. Once you know your measurements, it’s simple to look up a size chart for a specific item or brand and figure out where you fit. To measure yourself correctly, all you want to measure is the following:

  • Your bust size
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Sometimes hem (for skirts and dresses; to ensure the garment is long enough) 

Find Your Inspiration:

Finding a person with a similar body type to yourself having the same sense of style can be challenging. You can use social media too. Not only will you see how these pieces appear on women of various body shapes and sizes, but you may also be introduced to new brands and merchants you were unaware of.

Know The Return Policy:

Returning plus-size outfits or something you bought online might be a pain, but if you’ve invested in something and it doesn’t fit you perfectly, you have to do what you have to do! Make sure you understand the return policy before making a purchase. Also, make sure the item you’re purchasing isn’t on clearance. Because jewelry, swimwear, and lingerie/undergarments are frequently non-returnable, ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Pay Attention To Brands:

Discovering the brands that work best for you and that you trust is just as crucial as finding your go-to pieces. This isn’t just an excuse to go out and buy a bunch of various fashion brands and figure out which ones work. Finding the companies that best suit your body type and preferences over time is quite beneficial when buying online.

Tailor As A Best Friend!

You can’t help but obviously fall in love with a garment, even if the proportions are slightly incorrect. In these circumstances, always purchase the larger size and have it adjusted by a tailor. Getting a piece altered can be pretty costly. So, if you’re on a budget, utilize this for clothes that you either wear all the time or that you need to fit for a special occasion. 

So, don’t shy away and kill it with your looks!

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