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Have you ever heard about Uzbekistan, its culture, music, and more? Uzbekistan, officially the Republic Of Uzbekistan, is a double-landlocked country in Central Asia. It is enveloped by five landlocked countries:

  • Kazakhstan to the north; 
  • Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; 
  • Tajikistan to the southeast; 
  • Afghanistan to the south; 
  • Turkmenistan to the southwest. 

Islam is the predominant religion comprising mainly “Sunni Muslims”. According to the 2019 records, the country had the largest population among all the countries in Central Asia. Having a rich and diverse environment, Uzbekistan has very young people, mostly Russians. 

If we talk about its culture, music has been one of the best parts. You’ll get to hear classical music, Persian traditional music, Sufi poetry, and more. Many singers from Uzbekistan have made their niche in the music industry.

One of the most popular Uzbek singers is Shahzoda aka Zilola Bahodirovna Musaeva. This article depicts everything from Shahzoda’s biography to her career and net worth.

Let’s dive deeper into knowing some interesting facts about her!



Born on 28 July 1979, in Fergana, Shahzoda is her stage name. She has got immense love and appreciation for her work and has been one of the most admired Uzbek actresses and singers in Uzbekistan. She has become powerful in her nation of origin and is credited with a line of fruitful collections like Bor Akan, Baxt boê»ladi, Keragimsan, Baxtliman, and Assalomu Alaykum. Shahzoda is now a world music singer and has recorded songs in the following languages:

  • Uzbek
  • Russian
  • Persian
  • Kazakh
  • Tajik, and,
  • English


Shahzoda was born in the 1970s, an era of financial battle, social change, and mechanical advancement. The Seventies saw many womens’ privileges, gay freedoms, and natural developments. Shahzoda is a part of the Baby boomers age. People born after WW2 are the consequence of the finish of World War II when rates of birth across the world spiked. They are related to a rejection of traditional qualities. 

Shahzoda was brought into the world on Saturday, 24th July. It is believed that individuals born on Saturday partake in a hopeful and positive disposition. Now and again it takes them some time to get moving, but when they’re off, nothing can keep them down.

Family And Education:

Shahzoda was naturally introduced to the group of a philologist and specialists of theory. Despite the fact that she was brought into the world in Fergana, Uzbekistan, she ended up moving to Moscow with her family when she was small. She spent around 10 years there prior to getting back to her old neighborhood of Tashkent and taking her vocation.

From the beginning, Zilola concentrated on singing. Shahzoda went to college where she recorded her first collection as a feature of the Zhonim group, coordinated by popular writer Vagif Zakirov.

Shahzoda believes in keeping her personal and love life private. But as per reports, she is married to Ravshanbek Yuldashev and has two children, Halid and Salih.


Zodiac Sign

Shahzoda’s zodiac sign is Leo. This zodiac sign enjoys being praised, having expensive items, and wearing bright colors, but dislikes being ignored, having difficulties, or not being treated differently. This sign’s virtues include creativity, enthusiasm, generosity, warmth-heartedness, cheerfulness, and humor, but its flaws are arrogance, stubbornness, self-centeredness, laziness, and inflexibility. Aquarius and Gemini have the best overall compatibility with Leo.

Chinese Zodiac

Shahzoda was born in the Year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese zodiac. This zodiac sign prefers to be alone with their thoughts. They’re creative thinkers who like economics, caution, and the arts, yet they can be indecisive.

Ruling Planet

Shahzoda’s ruling planet is Sun, and Saturday is ruled by Sun according to astrological affiliations. The Sun is shining.


Career- A Quantum Leap In Music And Acting

As Shahzoda was interested in singing, she started her career in her late teens. And her first single “Bor Ekan” Album was a massive success in 2002. Her debut album, titled the same, was released the same year. It was also the best-selling album of the year 2002. She proceeded to have success with her subsequent albums, establishing herself as one of the most diverse singers of her generation. She has had a big impact on the pop industry since then, gaining millions of followers on social media.

Bor Akan, Bakht buladi, Keragimsan, Bakhtliman, Assalomu Aleikum, Bor Akan, Bakht buladi, Keragimsan, Bakhtliman, Assalomu Aleikum, Bor Akan, Bakht buladi, Keragimsan, Bakhtliman, Ass Sevgi bor, Tilayman, Unutmadim Rahmat hayot, Qora ko’zlaring, Bu muhabbat, Sen meni kerak, and Qora ko’zlaring

It has greatly expanded its range of products. Shahzoda has acted in films as well as been a successful singer. She rose to prominence after starring as Sevinch in the film Sevinch, and went on to star in films such as Sarvinoz, Fotima and Zuhra, and Zumrad Goes Kimmat.

Net Worth:

Shahzoda is one of the most extravagant world music singers and has been listed as the most famous World Music Singer. As indicated by the reports, Shahzoda’s net worth assets are approximately $1.5 Million.


  • On the list of the most well-known World Music Singers. Also included in the elit list of prominent Uzbek celebrities. Every year on July 28, Shahzoda celebrates her birthday.
  • Shahzoda has had leading roles in a number of Uzbek films. Fotima va Zuhra, in which Shahzoda starred, was a box office success, and Shahzoda garnered favorable reviews for her performance. She also starred in the Uzbek film “Zumrad va Qimmat,” which was released in 2007. Shahzoda herself sang the music for the film “Orzular.” She appeared in the film O Maryam, Maryam, which was well-liked by Uzbek audiences.
  • Shahzoda was named “The Best Artist in Central Asia and the Caucasus” at the Big Apple Music Awards in New York City in December 2011.
  • She began releasing English-language tracks in 2012, including “Afghana,” “All Alone with Akcent,” and “Flying Tonight.” DJ Sean Bay-produced “Flying Tonight,” which was released to YouTube on January 12, 2012.
  • In November, Shahzoda announced that one of her songs would be representing Uzbekistan at Türkvizyon 2013.


Shahzoda ( Zilola Bahodirovna Musaeva) has and is still enjoying her career in the spotlight. She has made a two-decade career and has made a treasure through her singing career. So, if you’re a music lover, Shahzoda as a singer might excite you. You can also take a glance at her Instagram account!

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