Air Jordan Mocha 1 – Release, Materials, Price, & Where to Buy?

A Quick Review on Mocha Jordan 1 Sneaker
A Quick Review on Mocha Jordan 1 Sneaker

kiFootwear shopping is not as easy as many ‘shoe-noobs’ think. What style of shoes do I buy? What kind of outfits will they go with? Although we cannot answer most of those questions ourselves, here are a few questions we can help you with. So, in other words, if you’re getting to go shoe shopping, do not forget to take a walk-through of this ultimate footwear.

Remember when you have a rundown on the shoes that you should fall for this season? Well, it’s the early time! Yes, we are talking about one of the best shoe brands- Jordan. So, don’t just stock up on essential boots but an all-around-trendy-footwear collection. The selection of smart choices in footwear will enhance your style and level of walkability.

One trendiest and most important footwear of all time is the Mocha Jordan 1 sneakers. Whether you love or hate it, there is no denying that it was a huge turning point in the color palette that Nike and Jordan Brand used for basketball shoes. Jordans are traditional team colors, and Mocha Jordan 1 is the first widely accepted sneaker.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and the colorway is commonly used in various forms. Jordan Brand has regularly spun new versions like this upcoming “Mocha Toes” Air Jordan Mocha 1. The colorway appears in canvas material and mid-cut form. You might have a chance to get these for sale.

“Mocha Jordan 1” Release:

The Dark Mocha Jordan 1 is one of the most anticipated releases in 2020 due to its familiar color blocking. It references two of the greatest Jordan 1s of all time, the Jordan 1 Travis Scott and the Jordan 1 Black Toe. 

Let’s explore its specifications below!

Materials Used in Mocha Jordan 1

Overall the materials on the Mocha Jordan 1 are decent. While not on the upper end of quality as far as Air Jordan 1s, the suede helps increase the luxurious feel of the sneaker. You’ll get a slightly shiny sail leather on the lighter panels with a nice tumbled finish. Whether or not this is genuine leather remains to be seen. 

Materials used in Mocha Jordan 1

Materials used in Mocha Jordan 1

However, it is at least on point visually and texturally. The black leather is smooth, not bad, but overall unremarkable. The mocha suede is definitely lovely, with a slight backstroke and a very soft feel. This bit of material really dresses these up, so for a Mocha Jordan 1 High retro, I think the materials are very nice!

Fit And Comfort

The Jordan 1 Mocha technically fits true to size. The shoe is narrow and widthwise, as most Air Jordan mocha 1s tend to be. Many choose to increase by a half size for extra breathing room and comfort.

Comfort in Mocha Jordan 1

Comfort in Mocha Jordan 1

The mocha Jordan 1 is known for its decent comfort. The Air unit in the midsole is detectable when worn casually as far as any additional cushioning.

While you missed out, these are great shoes in the collection. On the other hand, besides the palette, you can see a strong resemblance. Overall these can stand as their own shoe, and you can highly recommend them to any fan of the Air Jordan Mocha 1 high. 

Price Range:

Between $400 – $700 

Where to Buy Mocha Jordan 1?

The Jordan Mocha 1 sneakers are available at various online stores like Stockx, eBay, Nike’s website, etc. at different discount prices. Just all you need to do is explore and find your perfect fit! 

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